InclusionWorks! Partners

As InclusionWorks! Victoria developed, we engaged a wide variety of community partners. This is a partial list.

Community Living Victoria: Providing host agency services through CLBC contract and with families with individualized funding; provides guidance and mentoring with developing and implementing our family governance model, provides community contacts. The Host Agency administers the funds and works with the individual and family to arrange and manage the supports required.

Community Living BC:  Facilitated the inception of InclusionWorks! through identification of candidate families and is currently providing funding to families through Individualized Funding (IF).

South Island Distance Education School (SIDES):  SIDES (SD #63) has been IW’s principal educational partner since InclusionWorks! began, designing and teaching individualized curriculum focusing on job readiness and life skills to complete IEP goals for eligible participants; and supporting work experience and volunteering in community for them. SIDES also provides support for speech, counseling, behavioural support and other therapies. Along with the support of CLBC, the SIDES partnership gave IW the support required to launch our initiative. 

GT Hiring Solutions: GT Hiring Solutions is our local Work BC partner, supporting us in our efforts to find and maintain employment for all of our participants in the 3 InclusionWorks! groups on Southern Vancouver Island.  GT Hiring Solutions has been a key partner for our Vancouver Foundation grant which allowed us to pilot partnerships between family-governed groups and the employment program that serves all British Columbians.

University of Victoria, Faculty of Education:  Provides space in their CORE (Centre for Outreach Education) twice weekly to base ongoing educational program and facilitate inclusion on-campus, allowing for social engagement opportunities with peers. We are also partnering with the Faculty of Education on projects of mutual benefit (eg Manual for Healthy Lifestyle, Drama workshops, faculty and student research).

Camosun College, Community and Educational Assistant Program and Community, Family and Child Studies Program:  InclusionWorks! provides practicum opportunities for students twice annually and in turn benefits greatly from their input.

School of Child and Youth Care, UVIC:  InclusionWorks! provides practicum opportunities for students and in turn benefits greatly from their input.

CanAssist, University of Victoria: Provides specialized software for IW participants,  and aids us by facilitating connections throughout the University.

Business Partners for Employment:  A growing number of businesses and organizations in Victoria are providing work opportunities for our participants.

Flow Communications (Speech Pathologist): Provides consultation in community settings to individual participants to facilitate better communications, using speech and assistive technologies (through therapy funding).

Volunteer Partners: Community agencies are offering volunteer opportunities weekly to IW.

Power to Be Society: Provides opportunities and support for adventure activity programs, eg., kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, geocaching etc on monthly basis.  On a fee for services basis

Victoria Conservatory of Music: Provides a small group music therapy session weekly.

Finding the Balance Yoga: Provides specialized small group yoga sessions weekly for strength, flexibility and relaxation on a fee for services basis.

These are just a few of our partners; With each new InclusionWorks! group formed partnerships have strengthened and expanded.  We could not do what we do without our partners!