IW! Goals and Values

InclusionWorks! families believe that:

  • Self-advocates and families are best positioned to make choices regarding their future and with the appropriate opportunities and training, everyone can make a meaningful contribution.
  • Canadian society will be enriched with true inclusion.
  • The presumption of legal capacity should be upheld through supported decision-making.
  • Everyone is entitled to have friends.
  • We adhere to the principle of the “dignity of risk”.

Programming Goals

By working as a group in a family governance model, Inclusion Works! families strive to:

  • ensure greater self-sufficiency and independence in participants over a five-year period
  • recognize the individual strengths of each participant and build on these
  • offer a range of activities including real and realistic opportunities for employment, education and life-long learning
  • foster natural, mutually beneficial partnerships with the educational, business, non-profit and government sectors
  • prepare participants to be (and be seen as) contributing Canadians.

Programming Principles

  1. Activities should be in community, challenging and age appropriate.
  2. Activities should make provision for each participant’s strengths and capabilities.
  3. Employment, independence and life-long learning are key goals.
  4. Each participant would have an individualized schedule.  Some activities may be with other participants (e.g., for experiential learning, and exercise time with typical peers.)
  5. Activities should focus on life-skills or job readiness including formal and informal educational situations and experience.
  6. Participants’ physical and mental well-being is essential.

Goals for the Future

After five years, participants will be as independent as possible and be well situated to have a good life, including paid employment, friends, fitness, recreational and volunteer activities.  In turn, this can facilitate better long-term outcomes, reducing reliance on social assistance and subsidies and improving health outcomes for individuals and families.

Individual Personal Plans will be updated in IW Year 5 to guide the post-IW period.

Provincial Goals

We would like government and agencies to recognize the validity of this option for some families and support the development of IW pods throughout the province by like-minded families (from CLBC eligible cohorts as well as those under 30, who are not satisfied with their current daytime option). To this end, we want to refine and share our experience (model, successes, challenges) in a systematic manner.