Sarah’s Page

Sarah has been with IW! since 2013

Work Experience

Sarah is currently working at a local grocery store dealing with customer service.


  • Sarah has volunteered at a local horticultural education center, doing gardening and apple picking.
  • She has volunteered with the SPCA helping out with small animal care.
  • Sarah has volunteered at a local hospital helping out with a fitness program for seniors.
  • Sarah has packed lunches for local elementary students.
  • Sarah has helped kindergarten and grade one students with art, marking, and organization.


  • Sarah received her Food Safe certification.
  • Sarah has received BC Transit training to take the bus independently.

Healthy Living

  • Sarah wants to become more aware of her limits so she can pace herself when exercising.
  • She would also like to learn how to cook more nutritious foods.


  • Spending time with her family and friends.
  • Making cards and crafting such as loom knitting.
  • Swimming
  • Listening to music and watching movies.