Stephanie’s Page

Stephanie has been with IW! since 2012

Work Experience

Stephanie is doing work experience in a salon that serves seniors

Current and Previous Volunteering

  • Stephanie likes walking dogs and often volunteers to walk dogs for friends and neighbours.
  • Stephanie helps look after the children that attend her church.
  • She helps her sister care for the elderly at a local residential senior centre.
  • Stephanie has also volunteered at the SPCA.


  • Stephanie is working on her communication skills through social group workshops.
  • She is also working on her money handling skills.

Healthy Living

  • Stephanie would like to become stronger by lifting weights.
  • She is getting outside more often.
  • Stephanie enjoys riding  her bike.


  • Swimming.
  • Watching hockey.
  • Playing soccer with her friends.
  • Knitting.
  • Hanging out with friends.