Rachel’s Page

IMG_1655Rachel has been with IW! since it started in 2010.





Work Experience

  • Rachel is currently working at a local book and music store helping with different tasks.
  • She is also self-employed selling some seasonal homemade craft and food items. She is also doing a home based business with baking and selling dog cookies.


  • Rachel is currently taking both of her dogs to PATS (Pacific Animal Therapy Society) as the other one just became certified. The group goes to visit different retirement homes and other places. The people love to see the dogs.
  • She is currently the website manger for PATS.
  • She is also currently helping out with the website for IW!


  • She loves having massages to stay relaxed.
  • She loves doing crafts, doing art, hanging out with friends, and taking care of her pets.
  • She loves to read .
  • She loves to sing, play the piano and watching movies that aren’t scary.
  • Rachel’s three favorite and famous crafts are her gecko keychains and at Christmas time her Snowman Soup (hot chocolate), popcorn confetti which is now going to be an all-year-round thing to make.
  • She also does some desktop publishing.
  • She loves doing most of her work on the computer.
  • Rachel also love doing art.
  • Rachel also loves to bake cookies for the local fire depts and cupcakes for the police.